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New designer

The Riot twitter announced that the previous Heroes of Newerth lead designer is now joined of  League of Legends team.


Next patch (Lux and Jungling changes)

Lux and jungling changes



Lux will be getting some attention this upcoming patch.

Right now, we feel she has amazing potential if the stars align and you are able to land all of her skills perfectly. At the current tuning, missing even just one of her abilities late game is devastating to her overall output and contribution to her team. In general, we want to make playing her a little more forgiving since she is so skillshot heavy. We hope to achieve that by making her spells a bit more consistent and slightly lowering cooldown/mana cost where we can.


Happy Birthday League of Legends

lux release date

October 20

new skins

Check it!

What`s next

Next champs
  • Swain
  • new female champ, use light energy
  • Irelia, the Ionian Captain of the Guard
  • new champ
  • Leblanc

Future champs // work-in  // release maybe next summer

  • Aeon??? melee dps assasin
  • sniper champion like dota Sniper & Windrunner
  • shadow dps assassin
  • gravity champ
  • new void champs

Champion remakes

  • Evelynn
  • Teemoo
  • Jax
  • Twisted Fate
  • Alistair
  • Tryndamare
  • Sivir


  • pantheon buff
  • Fiddlesticks & Rammus cd redu buff
  • Udyr legendary skin
  • Oct 27 happy birthday LOL

ty nerf.hu

New Champion + New map+ Graphical Imp.

New Map: Magma Chamber

“Its a 5v5 but on a bigger map, so lanes are further. New NPC with new buffs also appear and a teleport inside the base to help you move around the map.”

New champion: Irelia

“Designed to be a burst melee DPS character the thrives whens she’s outnumbered, Irelia’s biggest weakness is stuns and other crowd control. Her abilities – a dash whose cooldown is refreshed when you successfully kill a target with it, a passive boost to her attack speed when surrounded by opponents and an ultimate ability that summons one or more floating blades to fight alongside her.”

New champion: Sonna — ???

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