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Lux and jungling changes



Lux will be getting some attention this upcoming patch.

Right now, we feel she has amazing potential if the stars align and you are able to land all of her skills perfectly. At the current tuning, missing even just one of her abilities late game is devastating to her overall output and contribution to her team. In general, we want to make playing her a little more forgiving since she is so skillshot heavy. We hope to achieve that by making her spells a bit more consistent and slightly lowering cooldown/mana cost where we can.


We’re working with a “banking” system that has the big mobs in jungle camps build XP and gold rewards over time after being there for a bit (currently, one minute). This caps out after a certain amount of time as well, and while farming heavily is greater than waiting for the bank to build, the bank lessens the need to constantly farm to keep up.

Why this system?

* It rewards ganks and is a bit less punishing on gank attempts that don’t result in kills for the jungler. After a gank attempt, the jungler can clear the jungle which has scaled a little bit while they were ganking.

* Smart counter-junglers can watch enemy gank patterns, then kill the big monster to steal the bank that’s built and reset it. This adds additional value to counter-jungling in the new jungle on the efficiency side. This will encourage more jungler conflict as well as add tons of opportunities for great counter-junglers to pull ahead.

* It allows junglers to farm and catch up a little better if they fall behind early (Of course, enemies can continue to disrupt this and push the advantage as needed), but the option is there, which creates new strategic options for coming back.

There’s a few other changes too, but this is the mechanics-level one we’re testing right now. While I encourage feedback, I’m excited to see people try this out (if it continues testing well).





Based on your feedback, we have made some changes to the jungle [to clarify, these changes are LIVE on North America]. See below for the release notes:

  • Increased total base Health in the jungle a bit, focusing on the larger monsters. This is to help accommodate single-target focused junglers.
  • Increased base Damage in the jungle a bit. This is to add some additional counter-jungling danger, as well as making sustain-based junglers, such as Warwick or Fiddlesticks, fill their specific niche again.
  • Increased Experience rewards of the jungle, both base and scaling. Simply put, this should make sure the jungler stays somewhere between the solo and duo lanes in most cases, as opposed to closer to the duo lane.
  • Reduced the Health scaling on the small golem camp. This is to adjust the difficulty/reward ratio on these monsters as the game goes on.
  • Moved around Gold and Experience rewards so that the Blue Wraith, the Giant Wolf, and the Medium Golem give a higher percentage of the reward for defeating their camp. This is a specific change to increase the viability of counter-jungling. Stealing big monsters will be more impactful.
  • Monsters now will start to accumulate more reward if they remain idle on the map for a certain amount of time. While we like there to be tradeoffs between ganking and farming, this should somewhat reduce the penalty of failed ganks and reward successful ganks more. Additionally, counter-junglers can steal these monsters and reset their “bank” of additional rewards.

We will continue to monitor the jungle changes, but please give these a try and see if they improve your experience. We’d like to thank everyone for their discussion and feedback on the new jungle. Everyone’s detailed feedback has helped us to continue making changes aimed at meeting our long-term gameplay goals while making your experience better.

Happy ganking!



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