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+frissítettem a linkeket + 1 új cho vidi

10-12 heti hősök

A 12. hét még nem végleges.

Heti hősök


Új hősök

Gragas, the CaskMaster

Update 10/01/23


  • Passive “Happy Hour”: Gragas gains a 10% bonus to all healing effects.
  • Barrel Roll: Gragas rolls his cask on the ground, dealing light damage and slowing movement speed of anything it touches by 40%. The cask fizzles over and explodes upon stopping, dealing magic damage to any enemy in the area.
    [Levelup: Modifies Touch Damage, Mana Cost, Cooldown, Explosion Damage]
  • Drunken Rage: Passive: Gragas becomes enraged in his drunken state every time he is attacked, lowering damage taken with each successive swing, stacking up to 5 times. Active: He can also drink from his cask to actively increase physical damage and critical strike chance, stacking up to 5 times.
    [Levelup: Modifies Damage Reduction, Bonus Damage, Bonus Crit. Chance]
  • Explosive Cask: Gragas hurls his cask to a location, exploding on impact, dealing magic damage and knocking back enemies caught in the blast radius.
    [Levelup: Modifies Mana Cost, Damage]
  • Wild Swing: Gragas wildly swings his arms in front of his body, hitting enemies at melee range for physical damage, dealing bonus damage for successive Wild Swing hits.
    [Levelup: Modifies Base Damage Dealt]

Infokat köszi RennHUN-nak.

Többi tervezett hős infóért katt a továbbra.


Poppy Baron Nashor bug

Barát program

Itt tudod meghívni őket a játékba; ha összeszedsz így 10.000 játékost, akik level 10ig eltolják a summoner accjukat, akkor csinálhatsz egy egyedi in-game hőst 😀

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